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Clips/pinzas de agarre para plantas 40 unidades

Clips/pinzas de agarre para plantas 40 unidades

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Brand: RamPro

Color: Green


  • Ram-Pro easy One-hand operation, Reusable, Weatherproof & Non-rusting, Spring Steel Wire Set of 40 Clip Ring’s – 20pc small 1” and 20pc large 1-3/4".
  • The Ram-Pro clips are designed to Support and Protect Plant’s, Flower’s and seedling’s to help securing plants Straightening from being Damaged or Break, Especially in the windy and rainy days, Or useful to direct to sunlight by attaching Plant stem to Cane, Pole, Arbor, Metal/Bamboo Garden Stake/Stick, Garden Cage, Plant Support Hoops, lattice, Fence/Gate Twine Trellis, Ladder, Rod, Cable, Yarn, Thread, Strand or Wire Netting or anything that can provide plant support.
  • Keep your Vegetables/Veggies, Flowers, Climbing and Crawling plants or small Trees together, like Tomato, Beans, Cucumber, Zucchini, Eggplant, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Summer Squash, Sugar Snap Peas, Pumpkins, Baby Corn, Peppers, Grapes, Black-eyed Susan’s, Vine, Hydrangeas, Honeysuckle, Clematis, Climbing Roses, lily’s, Ivy, Jasmine, Mandevilla, Sunflower, Moonflower, Morning Glory, Nasturtium, Passion, Sweet Pea, Bougainvillea, Trumpet, Canary, Carolina, Madeira, Orchids, Humming Bird plants.
  • Quick and Flexible release design and Easy to use Add and Remove spring clips: Simply pinch the handles to open and release to trap the stem and the support in one easy motion. One hand is all it takes to pinch and clip, leaving your other hand free to insert the support and stem into the clip.
  • Protects delicate flowers and plants to hold your plants gently but firmly against Wind damage, saves you a lot of problems to worry about your plant. With this spring clip, it can hold plants firmly and tightly, protect a strong support for plants, Bolster fruit-laden branches won’t harm plant or hinder growth.

model number: 2367

Part Number: 2367

Details: About Ram-Pro Plant Clips
The Ram-Pro Plant Clips is an especially designed Clip to use when you want to keep your Veggies, Flowers, Climbing and Crawling Plants or small Trees together, to protect from Weather, Wind, or Rain Damage without harming damaging or injuring the plant.

This Garden Plant Clips Set features durable round Green plastic clips with strong metal springs Choose from 2 different size. 20 large 1-3/4 inch, 20 Small 1 inch size.
Total of 40 plant clips.
Quickly and easily secure plant stems to garden stakes.
Give useful additional connection points to the Flexible Garden Grid plant supports, just clip the stem to cane, rod or anything that can provide support.
Gentle enough to hold the most delicate vine, yet sturdy enough to support the weight of cucumbers or cantaloupes.
As easy to use as paper clips, lever loops hold plant stems to plant supports without the hassle of cutting and tying required by garden twist stretch ties and tomato jute twine.
Allows room for natural plant movement and growth.
Weatherproof, Reusable, Durable, heavy-duty, long lasting stainless steel spring clips, as opposed to recurring expenses on disposable tie twisters.
Made from treated plastic for longer life and improved durability.
Won’t harm or block the plant from growing because of tightness, and will support the stems with a perfect grip,
Non-slip, provide great and steady support for plant to grow upright or towards sunlight.
Perfect for separating and attaching vines and stems.
The Green color camouflages and virtually disappears into the foliage/.
Not detracting from the beauty of your vines or ornamentals.
Clips are also ideal for attaching Christmas lights to trees and shrubs during the holiday season.

Accessible tool for gardeners, Planters, landscaping companies and just anyone that has a green thumb.

EAN: 0815518023676

Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 4.5 x 2.0 inches

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Clips/pinzas de agarre para plantas 40 unidadesB01M34L0DB
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